Geo's Tree Care
 Serving Marin Since 1980

About Us

Our company goes the extra mile to satisfy our customer's arboriculture concerns.

My role as owner of Geo's Tree Care is to act as an on-site liaison between the customer and our climbing crew. It's that kind of communication that has lead to Geo's Tree Care's success and ongoing client relationship.

As our company has grown, we have joined affiliates such as the Western Chapter of the Society of Arborists, the Catland Association of Landscapers and Tree Trimmers, the Builders Trade Association and the Better Business Bureau.

As an arbor care owner and climber, I am very concerned about trimming “styles” and techniques that can help a trees vigor or, if trimmed improperly, can lead to a trees decline and costly removal! Our company adheres to the ANSI 300 pruning standard implemented by the ISA to keep your trees healthy! Geo's Tree Care is here to provide you with exceptional service while saving you time and money so give us a ring and we will work with you to customize a quote that you can afford.

Sincerely, George Lindstrom